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April 2019
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Gama Aviation Signature demonstrates scale with hours spike

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Gama Aviation Signature (GAS) has been ranked the number one US Part 135 operator by ARGUS, based upon flight activity and data collected throughout 2018.

According to ARGUS TRAQPak’s Business Aviation 2018 Review, GAS performed 91,195 flight hours in 2018, over 29,000 more hours than the number two-ranked operator, Executive Jet Management. The group has held the top Part 135 operator title since 2016. With the acquisition of Landmark Aviation’s management and charter business in 2017, the company again significantly increased its flight hours, ranking number one with more than 80,000 Part 135 flight hours.

President and CEO Tom Connelly comments: “We are excited to see the steady growth in number of managed aircraft and flight hours year after year. In 2018, not only did we remain the top US Part 135 operator by number of flight hours, we also now have the largest fleet of managed business jets worldwide. The team continues to work very hard to ensure our clients get not only the economies of scale that our size can provide, but also the bespoke concierge service that they expect and deserve.”


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