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February 2018
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Dino Rasero is enjoying long range charter opportunities

Topjet Executive rebrands for large cabin adventures

Italy-based Topjet Executive has rebranded its corporate image and introduced dedicated in-flight cabin amenities that include Ganduia chocolates and branded water bottles on all aircraft in its fleet. It has also refurbished the interiors of a Hawker 850 XP and two Hawker 400 XPs.

The company also reports an increase in on-demand business of 15 per cent for 2017 over the previous year from Italian and foreign clients. President Dino Rasero says: “Thanks to the addition of our Global Express last year we have entered the long range market; it is new for us and it is very challenging. Each flight is an adventure. We hope that this charter sector will bring us interesting business and we hope to add even more aircraft to our long range fleet.”


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