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February 2018
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With bitcoin, Rickie Pegus can take payment for a private jet flight anywhere in the world as quickly as anyone can withdraw $20 from an ATM

Navair Jet Services is onboard for Bitcoin

Australian operator Navair Jet Services is now accepting payment in bitcoin. “When you need to fly now, or even tomorrow, how is a client going to transfer a few hundred thousand dollars to charter a private jet?” asks pilot and general manager Rickie Pegus.

“You might be worth millions, but our jet owners still aren't likely to throw you their keys in return for an IOU. We've been dealing with the problem of fees and delays since we began operating our own jets, but finally blockchain technology has risen to the standard required of the business aviation industry.”

Navair Jet Services pilot Rhys McClintock continues: “The first thing an owner asks when scheduling a flight is whether we'll have money in the bank before we take off, because risking their aircraft for someone who's waiting on a wire transfer just isn't worth it to them.”


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