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February 2018
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Thierry Tea’s vision for PhilJets is to grow in different segments such as education, logistics and tourism

PhilJets celebrates fifth anniversary

Philippine operator PhilJets has marked five years of service with an accolade from the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards as outstanding company in the transportation and logistics category. Founder and chairman Thierry Tea says: “We are delighted to count on a team that is passionate, committed and working towards reaching higher skies for PhilJets. Our adventure has taken an incredible path and we look forward to providing more innovation, satisfaction, fulfillment and experience for our employees, our clients and our partners.”

Following a year in which the company added five pilots and a number of office staff to its team as well its 10th aircraft, an Airbus H145, to its fleet (see Fleet Additions), Tea adds: “In 2018 PhilJets is looking to address the growing need for helicopter and jet charter not only in the Philippines but throughout the ASEAN region.

“We are hoping to launch a convenient way of booking our air charter services online and we are in touch with a number of partners in the luxury travel industry such as boat and yacht dealers and premier hotels.”


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