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February 2018
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Jet Aviation sales manager, aircraft management, EMEA and Asia Samuel Gantenbein; director general, civil aviation directorate transport Malta Charles Pace and captain/accountable manager, flight operation aircraft management, EMEA and Asia Patrick Schoenenberger

Jet Aviation secures Maltese AOC and expands charter operation in EMEA and Asia

Zurich, Switzerland-based Jet Aviation has secured a Maltese AOC, which joins the company's other regional AOC operations from Switzerland and Germany. A Boeing BBJ 737-700 and a Legacy 600 are already operating under the new AOC.

“Our new flight operation in Malta is a terrific complement to our Swiss and German opera-tions,” says senior vice president and general manager of aircraft management and charter operations in EMEA and Asia Jürg Reuthinger. “The additional AOC in the European Union allows aircraft owners and operators more flexibility in their choice of registrations and operation. Charter customers, of course, greatly appreciate a wide range of aircraft to meet their varying jet transportation needs. The BBJ that's available for charter is an excellent choice for worldwide business and leisure travel.”


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