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February 2018
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Gustav Andreasen says Avinode has given him the opportunity to travel the world and meet interesting people

Avinode makes internal appointments

Sweden-headquartered business aviation technology company Avinode has appointed Oliver King to CEO. King holds a PhD in Economics and joined Avinode in 2011 as managing director. In his new role he has global responsibility for the group's multi-platform technology, which consists of Avinode, SchedAero and PayNode. Previous CEO and co-founder Niklas Berg will be taking on an entrepreneurial ambassador role, seeking out new opportunities and ensuring the Avinode Group's role as a technology partner for the business air charter industry.

The company has also promoted sales executive Gustav Andreasen to the role of director of sales Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia following his return from nine month's paternity leave. Andreasen, who has been at the company for six years, says: “We have a good mix of people that have been here since the beginning and also new staff coming in. So my focus is to get every- body working as a team, to make sure that the older members share their knowledge with the new ones, and to provide the right tools for everyone to do the best job. I think an advantage of being recruited internally is that I know the people very well so I appreciate what they're good at, and what they need to be able to excel.”


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