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February 2018
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Returnjet’s Steve Westlake plans to include modules such as helicopter, cargo and ambulance specific aircraft, plus an online payment facility, over the coming year

Returnjet registers its 1,000th broker

UK-based online platform Returnjet registered its 1,000th charter broker in 2017 and saw an increase in charter requests of over 400 per cent on 2016. Aviation director Steve Westlake says: “Brokers are keen to take advantage of a search platform that is free to use as opposed to one with hefty subscription fees. We will be launching a number of broker upgrade features later this year that will incur a small licence fee but feedback from all brokers is that these upgrades will be welcomed. Our intention is to make the aircraft search function for the broker as quick and easy as possible. Most operators are now providing scheduling feeds so we can provide live, and transient, availability options.”

The company has proved its instant quoting API with GlobeAir, and Westlake adds that a great deal of technical effort will be directed through 2018 to make the broker search process instant. “Our technology allows us to set up instant quoting with any operator scheduling, planning and quoting software so we don't have to force operators to use software provided by us in order to take advantage of this function,” he says.

“Later this year we intend to launch a feature that also allows our users to increase their revenues directly, and we have started to integrate our B2B click-to-buy content so that users can book fuel, handling, catering, passenger and crew cars, hotels and crew commercial flights through their Returnjet dashboard.”


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