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February 2018
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Yiannis Halvatzis has taken on new staff and offices to prepare the way for increased business from Greek island helicopter charters

Helicopter Private Services grows its customer base

Greece-based Helicopter Private Services has opened additional offices in Crete and Mykonos from where it hopes to better assist customers departing from locations other than Athens and Santorini. To this end it has also taken on two customer support agents to improve communication and transactions with passengers.

The company is in the process of signing an exclusive contract with AegeanVIP, an online marketplace that offers an extensive portfolio of personalised Mediterranean experiences including sightseeing flights over the Cyclades and inter-island heli-hopping and heli-water skiing. “We are also looking to extend our spiritual and religious travel charters to take advantage of a big opportunity in this sector of tourism,” explains CEO Yiannis Halvatzis. “And we are establishing a cooperation with Athens-headquartered Greek AirTaxi Network and Helicopter For You in order to increase our customer base.”


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