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February 2018
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Wholesale Jet Club celebrates first year

New York-based subscription charter service Wholesale Jet Club has completed its first year in business and reports a membership total approaching 100. The company has chartered flights throughout the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, and while it has serviced all types of events it is receiving many bookings for the Super Bowl.

The company only uses operators with a gold rating or higher from ARGUS and claims to offer its clients significant cost savings. Rather than charging hefty broker commissions, it offers paid annual memberships and then applies an administrative fee of three and a half per cent on each flight booked.

“Wholesale Jet has become the newest disruptor in the industry,” says founder and CEO Steven Orfali, formerly with Blue Star Jets. “We've had growth beyond our projections in year one and our business model resonates with the casual flyer as well as the frequent. We are planning on expanding our sales team and our member base in 2018.”


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