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February 2018
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365 Aviation co-founder and executive chairman Colin Baker with his wife Sammi Cho at the Luxury Travel Guide Awards event

365 Aviation wins industry accolade

London-headquartered 365 Aviation has been voted UK luxury charter broker of the year at the Luxury Travel Guide Awards, which recognise excellence across all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. Co-founder and executive chairman Colin Baker says: “It is an honour to be voted the top luxury charter broker in the UK by industry experts. Unlike some of our com- petitors we are a truly independent charter brokerage. We intimately understand the requirements of the discerning private jet traveller and are completely focused on the client experience, so we are thrilled to be recognised.”

The company has a presence in Hong Kong, where Baker lives, and an increasing interest in the emerging Asian market. He adds: “Business in Asia, as with some other parts of the non-western world, is done in a very different way. Deals are not done during first meetings, so you need a longer view and must be prepared to nurture relationships and let them bear fruit over time. While we would very much like to expand our presence here we are prepared to wait for the right people. It's better to do it well than quickly, so we are searching for highly experienced individuals who share our passion for excellence.”


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