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December 2017
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Jettly inaugurates flat fee membership

The Canada-based Jettly platform is now operating on flat rates, no booking fees and zero commissions. For a fee of $370 per month personal members get three charter bookings, be they one-way flights or seven- stop multi-leg itineraries. Business members get an additional seven booked itineraries every month.

CEO Justin Crabbe says: “The typical private charter broker's commission can be as much as 50 per cent. That means travellers could be spending tens of thousands of extra dollars every time they charter a flight. The people at Jettly envisioned a marketplace where that doesn't happen, and with a lot of hard work we've finally made it a reality.”

The simple truth is that every single company out there taps into the same inventory of jets and the same network of operators and pilots. We just do it at one 15th of the cost of everyone else. Disruption is often necessary to move an industry forward, and the Jettly team is happy to lead the way.”

The company has also launched Jettly Gigs, a service that allows people in the US, Canada and the UK to book a private charter flown by local pilots for one flat fee. Crabbe says: “This has never been done in the aviation sector before in any place around the world. The fact that the general public can fly from their current location for one flat fee and no hidden taxes or charges is unheard of.”

Owning a private aircraft brings with it mainten-ance and operating expenses and Jettly hopes to help owners offset those by facilitating a new income stream. Crabbe estimates that on average pilots can cover their expenses by chartering just nine times per month.

“Jettly Gigs offers safe, affordable propeller-based alternatives that bring the cost of private plane charters within reach for many people,” he adds.


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