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December 2017
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Returnjet reaches five-year milestone

Online charter search platform Returnjet has celebrated its fifth anniversary, shortly after it saw a record number of brokers submitting quote requests during its most active month to date.

“Looking back, Returnjet has followed the traditional storm, norm, perform cycle and it's in the last 18 months that we have started to see the platform gaining real traction, with an upwards trend for regular repeat visits to the site and a steady stream of new registrations, for both brokers and operators,” says aviation director Steve Westlake.

The company has a number of new user functions in beta testing that should be released over the coming year, among them a broker app and tiered user packages with additional tools and features. Its strategy now is to capture the next generation of charter professionals. CEO Mark Blanchfield explains: “We will start to see our users trans- form into digital natives who have grown up with LinkedIn, Facebook, etc and who do not expect to have to pay for online interactions. Why try to compete on price with the likes of Avinode? Let's bring out a game-changing option for the market where there's nothing to pay.”


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