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December 2017
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Ty Carter’s Sky380 B2B platform is designed to enable brokers to sell charter on an individual seat basis

MemberJets launches private aviation seat marketplace

Florida-based MemberJets has launched Sky380, a B2B sales tool that allows operators, brokers and travel agents to sell charter by the seat as well as to offer excess capacity on a per seat basis through its seat marketplace. The service is free to use and the company charges an adminis-trative fee for any seats sold.

Sky380 acts as an indirect air carrier under its approved DOT Part 380 licence and its service also connects commercial business travellers to private jet charter by creating a range of travel options and price points that it claims are currently not available to charter brokers or travel agents today.

Founder and CEO Ty Carter says: “While there are a growing number of business to consumer services that connect private jet travellers with operators by the aircraft and by the seat, we saw the need for something that would bring the same capabilities on a wholesale level to charter brokers and travel agents, which are a key part of the air travel ecosystem and account for over 80 per cent of booked charter flights today. Our focus is on helping these key players to expand their market reach to include the commercial business traveller. The Sky380 platform is another method by which to sell the same service on a different scale. While all flights are processed directly by Sky380, operators, brokers and travel agents can advertise their own shuttle flights based on a limited schedule or on demand.”


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