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December 2017
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Andres Arboleda is giving new clients a limited time opportunity to try out a jet card

Privé Jets launches jet card programmes

Florida, USA-based Privé Jets has launched 25, 50, 75 and 100-hour jet card programmes and, for a limited time, is offer- ing an introductory 10-hour jet card to clients. The offer will allow clients to access light to heavy jets for both one-way and round trips at the same value as Privé's 25-hour jet card.

The pricing for each size category of aircraft is inclusive of fuel and taxes and is presented as a fixed hourly rate. The aircraft offered to cardholders are model year 2000 or newer and ARGUS/Wyvern certified. Eligible flight destinations include the 48 contiguous United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and several Caribbean nations.

“Our hourly cards were designed to offer clients a considerable amount of value,” says COO Andres Arboleda. “Our cardholders benefit from having better control of their travel expenses and won't have to guess at the total cost or worry about going over budget. We know that staying within budget is of major concern and so we have taken steps to design our card programme to address that concern.”


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