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October 2017
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Jet Exchange regularly transports pets from Europe and the Channel Islands with arrival at Biggin Hill airport

Jet Exchange secures pet transport approval

UK operator Jet Exchange has secured approval to fly pets that comply with DEFRA requirements into Farnborough airport. This builds on the company's existing approvals meaning that it can now transport eligible cats, dogs and ferrets into both Biggin Hill and Farnborough. A further application for Oxford airport is currently in progress.

Since the company also holds approvals from the US Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian Transportation Agency, it can now transport pets between North America and the UK.

Managing director Ian Austin says: “Several brokers and owners already make extensive use of our capability to transport eligible pets. With our additional approval we are now well placed to cover the most popular arrival destinations in southern England, making it easy for charter customers to bring pets home with them from holidays.”


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