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October 2017
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GetJet banks on attraction of opposites

GetJet, a company with offices in both Moscow and Malta, has launched a platform where members can search for discounted private aircraft flights. Having gone live in June 2017 the system sold more than 20 flights in its first six weeks and the company claims it has achieved a saving of more than $240,000 for its subscribers. The platform is free to join and over 140 users have registered as members from within the EU and Russian markets.

The GetJet platform automatically matches members who wish to head in opposite directions. It aims to maximise the usage of business jets efficiently while providing customers with discounts of up to 50 per cent over the full charter price. It does not work with return flights or multiple leg itineraries and is designed for customers who often travel one way or who spend a long time away and for whom parking, overnight stays or aircraft repositioning would be excessively expensive.

The idea behind GetJet was conceived back in 2013. IT development followed and in 2014 the website was purchased and it registered as a company. 2015 through to 2016 saw extensive software testing and now it is servicing B2B customers with plans to include B2C clients in the near future. Vice president sales and marketing Roberto Hlaca says: “We also plan on offering our services to the Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American markets very soon.”


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