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October 2017
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Yiannis Halvatzis of Helicopter Private Services, Greece

Helicopter Private Services starts Greek operations

Helicopter Private Services has opened for business in Athens, Greece, offering VIP charters and emergency air services. Founder, owner and CEO Yiannis Halvatzis says: “Helicopter transport is currently the fastest-growing transport medium in the world. The ability to carry passengers even to the most inaccessible places in a short time makes it the most appealing solution for all transportation needs.”

The company has established a network of helicopters and private aircraft that includes an AS355N, EC120B, Airbus H135, AS355, H120, Agusta 109C, Bell 407, Bell 206, Avanti Evo and King Air C90B. These will operate missions ranging from bar hopping in Mykonos, excursions to remote islands in the Cyclades, VIP close protection, Porsche Cayenne transfers, emergency heli evacuation and air ambulance.


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