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June 2018
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IJM ground operations manager Bill Diakonis; Jet Aviation VP sales and customer relations, EMEA MRO and FBO Oliver Bergsch; IJM MD Robert Schmölzer; and Jet Aviation sales manager, FBO EMEA and Asia Jiri Bouhuizen

IJM signs preferred handling agreement

Schwechat, Austria-based International Jet Management (IJM) has signed a contract for Jet Aviation to become its preferred fleet handling service provider.

IJM managing director Robert Schmölzer says: “We see ourselves as managers of mobility and we wanted a partner we can trust to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for our customers. Jet Aviation has more than 20 FBO locations in its growing global network and consistently ranks highly in international customer polls. Like us, it values service excellence. I have every confidence that we will enjoy a long and successful partnership.”


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