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June 2018
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Booking rebate at London City offered to Returnjet's registered brokers

UK-based search and booking platform Returnjet has partnered with London City airport on a six-month campaign aimed at driving more traffic through the airport's dedicated private jet centre. London City airport is offering brokers a €100 rebate on every London City flight booked through the Returnjet platform.

Aviation director Steve Westlake explains how the promotion works: “This is a superb offer and couldn't be simpler for brokers to take advantage of. As a registered Returnjet broker, all you need to do is contact our team and sign up to be a referral partner of the scheme. We take care of the paperwork and that's it. Your details will be sent to London City and the next time you book a charter through Returnjet your rebate will be instantly applied. This is just another way that we, with our strategic partners, are looking to help drive savings through the channel.”

London City airport director, business aviation, Nick Rose adds: “As with all elements of private jet flying, time is key. Our airport delivers with its proximity to the city and its 90-second departure and arrival times, and Returnjet delivers with its simple, easy to use and effective broker platform.”

A programme of technical updates and innovations

Returnjet has also completed its integration of FL3XX API-driven aviation management software. Accuracy of pricing and speed of response are two of the most critical factors for brokers when searching for a flight, as Randy Echavarria, president of Returnjet registered broker GloryJets in the US, explains: “The FL3XX integration is going to lead the way and be instrumental to an ever-growing high speed market. Not only will it give you the opportunity to get a quote that you know will allow you to be worry free throughout the sales cycle, winning more bids, but also it will give you the opportunity to accommodate the demanding schedules of clients quickly.”

Westlake adds: “From the beginning, we wanted Returnjet to offer a greater level of user experience than other platforms, and our users tell us that our simple interface makes their day-to-day activities more straightforward.”

FL3XX CEO Paolo Sommariva says: “Our workspace provides operators with all services in one place. Returnjet operators can now reply to requests hands-off, immediately, which is a huge time and work saver for the sales team and increases sales volume.”

Alongside this, Returnjet has linked its automatic booking facility to Austrian Mustang operator GlobeAir. The API allows delivery of instant net pricing to brokers, including integrated aircraft performance and availability checks, together with an end-to-end booking process.

Westlake says: “Returnjet continues to be an agile and flexible tool that can take advantage of new digital disruption models and ultimately set a new service experience in online charter. This is a real game changer for brokers using the Returnjet platform.”

Within minutes of the API going live GlobeAir announced that its first automated booking had been successfully received. CEO Bernhard Fragner adds: “Previously, the private jet industry relied on various human interactions at some stage of the quoting and booking process and now this new functionality represents a significant step change in technology, providing in real time a flight enquiry and a confirmed price. I have no doubt that the future of our industry will be in the online booking arena.”


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