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June 2018
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Justin Crabbe says the convergence between business travel and expense reporting and corporate bookings is now clear and hassle-free

Jettly adopts travel and expense management software

Ontario, Canada-based Jettly has integrated with accounting software Certify and Expensify. CEO Justin Crabbe explains: “This can help our users relieve the headache of creating expense reports for business trips. Expensify and Certify allow users to create these reports while they are booking their flights, hotels and rental vehicles. The entire process is automated, making it simple even for those who don't consider themselves to be tech-savvy.”

The company has also introduced instant price searching with real-time aircraft inventory and availability. In four steps users can search for aircraft; receive price estimates; compare quotes; and book the flight. “In the past, booking a private jet charter could take several hours,” says Crabbe. “With our new tool the process is quick, easy and accurate.”

Code of ethics

Jettly is now following the Travel Industry Council of Ontario code of ethics, which aims to help and promote an informed and fair marketplace where consumers can have confidence in the travel purchases they make. “We are dedicated to ensuring each transaction is met with integrity, full disclosure, honest marketing, respect, accountability, compliance, competency, confidentiality and always putting client's best interests first,” Crabbe says.


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