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June 2018
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Charles Denault has introduced bitcoin payment for SimpleCharters transactions

SimpleCharters accepts bitcoin payments

New Hampshire, USA-based online marketplace SimpleCharters is now accepting payment using bitcoin, the decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that has a total market capitalisation in excess of $40 billion.

Founder and CEO Charles Denault III says: “We see the use of bitcoin, and the desire of some clients to use it for their private charter payments, as a natural, technological growth in the private air charter marketplace. Bitcoin is independent of all national boundaries and easily transferred. It is what many of our more tech-savvy clients have expressed a desire to transact with.”

He adds: “We're pleased to expand our existing credit card and wire payment methods. Support of cutting-edge payment methods aligns with our goal of advancing the industry, raising transparency expectations, and elevating the experience to rival fractional ownership.”


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