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June 2018
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Bashar Beasha says the upswing momentum demonstrates Global Jet Centre’s competitiveness and resilience through tough economic times

Global Jet Centre gains market share

Dubai-based Global Jet Centre has reported strong first half-year results with the number of flights arranged up by 30 per cent compared to the same period last year. This is welcome news in an industry beset by the challenges the company says are posed by the overall lethargic performance of the Middle East region's economy. Among the total number of flights arranged, 25 per cent were for clients who had previously used other air charter service providers.

Managing partner Bashar Beasha says: “Our service level and our focus on providing luxurious travel experiences drive our repeat business which is, of course, a sure precursor to word-of-mouth marketing.” A significant number of its clients have been families and holidaymakers who are more likely to book again in the second half of the year.

Beasha adds: “The economic slowdown is a bane to many, but we have learned to tap into markets that remain strong in order to achieve better results. We are looking at increased business flight bookings to help finish the year with even stronger results.”


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