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June 2018
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Jessica Osterneck and Patrick Harris, co-owners of Velocity Jets

Velocity Jets marks its 10-year anniversary

Ten years ago Jessica Osterneck and Patrick Harris started their boutique brokerage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offering ad hoc charter, acquisitions and management as well as jet card memberships. The company is still privately owned and the majority of its business comes from client referrals, which allows Osterneck and Harris to keep prices down and service personalised.

The company has formed partnerships with different organisations such as the Lotte New York Palace hotel, American Express Centurion and various casinos worldwide, and prides itself on meeting its clients' more challenging requirements. Osterneck says: “On a holiday weekend recently we had a client whose parents passed away within a week of each other. We were able to arrange transportation for the bodies and have a representative at each of the locations to make sure that everything went smoothly.”


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