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June 2018
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Blackbird Air Charter gains AOC

Denmark-based Blackbird Air Charter has taken the first step in a new venture that will see it add EASA-certified operations, as Blackbird Air, to its brokerage. The AOC should be fully implemented by September, enabling worldwide operations using a Falcon 7X and a Falcon 2000S. Blackbird Air Charter will have the exclusive commercial responsibility of the aircraft on the AOC for marketing and sales.

It has also entered into a cooperation with Copenhagen AirTaxi following the EASA CAT SET-IMC ruling. Copenhagen AirTaxi operates a fleet of PC-12s for owners that are available for charter on the European market. The agreement gives Blackbird Air Charter exclusive rights to sell flight hours.

CCO Søren Bugge says: “The PC-12s have phenomenal performance characteristics. They are very comfortable yet still offer an attractive price tag. I'm confident many of our customers will appreciate these aircraft for their more frequent and shorter trips. For those who fly longer trips and require the ultimate in comfort we have the Falcon aircraft, and our friendly, smiling and discreet crew gives that little bit extra so that the passengers leave with batteries fully charged ready to take on the world.”

These changes have prompted the company's relocation to Billund airport, to offices over- looking the hangar where its fleet of Falcon aircraft and a AW139 helicopter are based.

COO Jesper D Petersen says: “When the office space became available in May this year it was the obvious choice for us, to get close to the operation, the crew and our aircraft. We are now a team of pilots, mechanics, ground staff, operation and charter brokers numbering 22 full-time staff.”


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