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June 2017
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Accreditations and certifications

ARGUS Platinum rating

  • Latitude 33 Aviation, San Diego, California
  • Northern Jet Management, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Tyrolean Jet Services, Innsbruck, Austria for sixth consecutive year


  • Bestfly, Angola – retained for second year


  • Meridian Air Company, Moscow, Russia


  • Baker Aviation, Fort Worth, Texas

ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS)

  • Northern Jet Management, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wyvern Wingman Status

  • TAG Aviation, Farnborough, UK – renewal

National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Applications Accreditation

  • CSI Aviation, New Mexico, USA

EBAA 2017 Safety of Flight awards

Diamond for over 100,000 hours or 50 years of safe flying

  • DC Aviation, Germany
  • FlyingGroup, Belgium
  • Gama Aviation, UK

Platinum for 100,000 hours or 50 years of safe flying

  • PrivatAir, Switzerland

Gold for 80,000 hours or 40 years of safe flying

  • FAI rent-a-jet, Germany

Silver for 60,000 hours or 30 years of safe flying

  • Cat Aviation, Switzerland


Contact details
ARGUS International
Latitude 33 Aviation
Northern Jet Management
Tyrolean Jet Services
International Business Aviation Council
Meridian Air Company
Air Charter Safety Foundation
Baker Aviation
TAG Aviation UK
European Business Aviation Association
DC Aviation
Gama Aviation
FAI rent-a-jet
Cat Aviation