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June 2018
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JetSmarter initiatives

JetSmarter has opened an office in Knightsbridge, London. “With Europe being one of our strongest markets, we look forward to investing more time focusing on JetSmarter's growth within this region,” says CEO Sergey Petrossov. “Throughout 2017, our expansion plans will allow for European members to have access to travel to more regions across Asia and India, as well as the Middle East.”

The company has launched routes from the UK to cities including New York, Milan, Zurich and Geneva, and has introduced summer routes to Ibiza, Malaga and Nice. Alongside these a JetHomes app addition enables members to browse and rent a variety of luxury homes in cities across the globe, while its Founding Membership allows new users the opportunity to join JetSmarter for only $5,000 a year.

It is also launching a charitable initiative called #CharterHope that allows members to send private charters to bring immunocompromised infants home for the first time. JetSmarter members can donate flight credits towards the creation of private flights for these families.


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