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June 2017
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EBAA debates the state of business aviation

At the European Business Aviation Association's (EBAA) annual press conference in Brussels, Belgium, CEO Brandon Mitchener reported that the sector is showing promising signs of vigour after a few years of flat figures. “We've had six months of steady growth in traffic numbers and they are the best since 2011,” he said. “This is an exciting time for business aviation, with innovative aircraft, technologies and business models coming to the fore. The industry is looking dynamic as it expands its offerings for new and existing customers and aircraft owners.”

EBAA member company Stratajet highlighted the broader customer base resulting from direct access to private jets through online platforms. “We are reaching out to new types of customers, one-third of whom are first-time private jet users, and many of whom are in the 25-34 age segment. They comprise a tech-savvy new audience of fliers,” said CMO Ricardo Gato.

Approval for single-engine turboprops under IFR in Europe has opened up new possibilities for utilising SETs . “These have the same range and capacity as some business jets, but can land on two to three times more airfields”, added Maxime Bouchard, MD of JetFly Aviation.

Mitchener said that the EBAA is also promoting new technologies that enhance safety and access to smaller airports, including satellite- based navigation, instrument landing approaches such as LPV and augmented vision technologies.


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