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June 2018
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The 2016 Sapphire Pegasus awards line up includes sales and marketing director Carol Cork of PrivateFly (fifth from left), Stratajet’s head of customer service Sarah Holian and head of supply Erika Neudert (fourth and fifth from left) and Bernhard Fragner (centre)

Industry recognition for Europe’s high flyers

Presentations to this year’s winners of the Sapphire Pegasus Awards were made during a gala dinner at Prague’s Boscolo hotel in May. Toastmaster Richard Birtchnell moderated the evening and guests were entertained by a magician and a harpist. Congratulations particularly go to Carol Cork of PrivateFly for winning Woman in Aviation and to Stratajet for the Broker award. On the operations side, GlobeAir won the Business Jet Operator award and its CEO Bernhard Fragner was recognised for his lifetime achievement. Plans are already being drawn up for next year’s event and the programme is to be extended beyond the European business aviation community to acknowledge more international developments.


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