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June 2017
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Vitaly Arkhangelsky of Cofrance

Cofrance is first in France to achieve ARGUS registered broker rating

Nice, France-based Cofrance, a brokerage for Russian speaking clients chartering in the French Mediterranean area, has become the first charter broker in France to earn the ARGUS Registered Charter Broker rating. Director Vitaly Arkhangelsky says: “We've spent nine months going through the standardised process to receive the status we've been working toward. We are proud to be registered.”

Consistent with the ARGUS Gold and Platinum rating programme for charter operators, the ARGUS Charter Broker programme is designed to provide end con-sumers and aircraft operators with unbiased, factual and relevant data necessary to make informed and confident decisions every time they participate in a charter flight facilitated through a charter broker. An ARGUS Registered Charter Broker must provide documented proof of specific requirements, and annually pledge its commitment to adhering to industry best practices and applicable regulations. A Certified Charter Broker will submit the same documentation and annual pledge, but will also under- go an on-site audit, once every two years, to prove its compliance with industry best practices and applicable regulations.

“We are pleased to announce Cofrance as our first French Registered Charter Broker,” says Joe Moeggenberg, president and CEO of ARGUS International. “With an ever-increasing number of brokers entering the industry it is critical to keep customer safety, finances and comfort at the forefront of business practices. Cofrance has reinforced its commitment to safety and assurance with this certification.”


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