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June 2018
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AsBAA chairman Charlie Mularski wants the future of the industry to be shaped by its users.

News from AsBAA: Bridging the gap between industry, regulatory bodies and the media

AsBAA, Asia's representative trade body for business and general aviation, was created in 1999. We have one major mission: to create a community that represents its members by advocating the industry in a positive and unbiased manner, while creating positive sector relations and opportunities for growth. Though the challenges are ever-changing, the passion and spirit that spurred its creation remain constant.

AsBAA's work can be defined by three core pillars: representation, advocacy and community. A snapshot includes government lobbying, regional networking, corporate social responsibility projects (specifically the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital), the Icons of Aviation Awards, and our work to change the public perception of our industry from one of lavish luxury to the more accurate picture of one that builds economies and creates jobs.

Working closely with governments in China, Hong Kong and southeast Asia, AsBAA has developed a credible, influential presence. In 2016/17 this led to tangible improvements in the landscape that our members operate within. Highlights from the last year include:

  • Removal of restrictive regulations for foreign registered business jet owners flying in domestic Indonesia
  • Streamlining the slot coordination and apron operations at Hong Kong International airport for business jets; expanding night slots; re-profiling business jet noise categorisation and obtaining permission to perform maintenance tasks at remote bays
  • Compact parking introduced at Shanghai and Hong Kong airports
  • Expansion of hubs in the Pearl River Delta to include temporary China inspection and quarantine (CIQ) at Zhuhai with possible commercial helicopter links to follow
  • The first cross border charter flight by helicopter from Hong Kong to Zhuhai
  • Student Chapter (AsBAA Discovery) initiative rolled out across mainland China, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Partnerships formed with the Aviation Industry Cooperation of China to promote GA education; with the CAA of the Philippines; and with the Royal Aeronautical Society
  • Launch of the CEO Roundtable Series, a networking experience for business aviation leaders in Asia
  • Hosts of the Icons of Aviation Asia
  • Co-hosts of ABACE for the third consecutive year.

In 2016/17 AsBAA's team of volunteers and supporters have together achieved significant strides in all key work streams. None of this work would be possible without the support of our members and volunteers, so my biggest message to those that support us is – thank you.

AsBAA's survival, and subsequent ability to continue delivering such achievements, hangs on obtaining more industry support and more members to grow the association in its size, expertise and influence. The argument is simple: working together creates win-win industry outcomes for the greater good of the industry. Such outcomes simply cannot be achieved without effective collaboration. As such, we urge all those with an interest in business and general aviation to get involved and join us today.

As chairman it is my role to bring together our stakeholders to ensure AsBAA's mission is achieved on behalf of our members. From a brokerage perspective, engagement through AsBAA will result in effective B2B networking and opportunities for new leads, problem solving and overall growth.

Externally, AsBAA liaises closely with its fellow International Business Aviation Council associations, NBAA, EBAA and others to ensure sharing of best practice, standards and government relations.

Another year of change lies ahead for the association. But it is an exciting time, with more optimism for the path we are now on as an organisation, and with clear objectives.

In my final month as chairman my hope is that the industry continues to work together through the association. AsBAA is not a magic wand, but it does present a unique networking and collaborative platform for like-minded individuals who love aviation and want to protect the industry we all know has so much potential in Asia.

I look forward to our next AsBAA in the community event; the AGM and elections. This forms part of a week-long series of business aviation activities which also sees the Corporate Jet Investor Asia Conference on 14-15 June and the AsBAA and Bombardier Safety Day on 16 June. All events are taking place at Seletar airport and the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. For further information or to RSVP please get in touch. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Charlie Mularski, chairman, AsBAA


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