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August 2016
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Regal Wings executive vice president Elliot Schreiber, DragonPass CEO Mark Koch, Regal Wings CEO Eli Ostreicher, Dragon Pass general manager and co-founder Jane Zhu and Dragon Pass chairman Kehui Cai celebrate their partnership

Regal Wings enters premium lounge arena

New York-based charter broker Regal Wings has partnered with China-based airport services provider DragonPass to enable mobile app airport lounge access for its clients. Regal Wings prim- arily services travel professionals and large corporate accounts, along with elite lifestyle vacation and loyalty programmes.

“The old way of accessing a lounge and dealing with over- crowding via access card or credit card swipe is outdated,” says Regal Wings' executive vice president Elliot Schreiber. “Today's consumer wants cutting edge access, and thanks to the DragonPass mobile platform our clients can enjoy cardless entry to over 850 lounges around the world as well as access to its network of limousine, concierge and valet services. We are really taking the lounge as a focal point and turning it into an airport experience.”

CEO Eli Ostreicher adds: “This new venture with DragonPass is truly remarkable allowing us, once again, to up the ante in luxury travel. Combining our years of experience and our carefully cultivated network of contacts with our obsession for every facet of air travel has allowed us to create a superior exper-ience for our clients. We look forward to this exciting new development that will forever redefine air travel.”