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August 2015
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Victor gives a post launch analysis of its mobile app

Victor has reported that around 50% of all its bookings are now done via its mobile app following the launch in March, and the company has seen an increase in revenue of 260% year on year since May 2014.

The company says that flights booked via smartphones range from around $8,000 to $23,500, for everything from light jets through to heavy jets, and that half of the smartphone bookings are made eight days prior to flying whereas the average booking time was 24 days prior to the app's launch.

Ceo Clive Jackson explains the features of his app: “It means real-time accuracy of knowledge about the availability of any given aircraft at any time. We spent a lot of money developing this aspect of it. An operator may accept many different enquiries for just one jet, covering different destinations and interests, and that operator won't say when it has committed to one client as there are too many variables in the market. That client could cancel and the operator would have to re-advertise. There may be other delaying factors. Up until now, clients have not known whether the jet they want is still actually available. They do with the app. It has a live feed that will notify clients if the jet is no longer available.”

Jackson adds that the next step is: “Extending our reach by franchising our technology to large-scale private jet brokers seeking to better automate and serve their customers.”


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