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August 2015
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Eymeric Segard, left, with cco Laurent Detroyat, explains how the LunaJets’ app uses technology but still prioritises service to ‘pay less - fly more’

LunaJets launches jet booking app

Following a year which saw volume up 40 per cent and revenue at approximately US$20m, Swiss broker LunaJets has launched a second mobile app which it says gives clients access to improved technology while still maintaining human interaction with its multi-lingual charter team based at Geneva airport.

The app is composed of four sub-menus: 'Request a flight', where client requests go through to the sales team, 24/7; 'Private profile' enables clients to access their preferred routes and travel information; 'Empty legs' provides live updates with details of the aircraft's capacity, flight dates, times and prices; and 'Aircraft' lists all types available, cate-gorised by capacity and range.

An icons bar provides rapid shortcuts to the 24/7 hotline, messages and settings. Personal service however is key, explains founder and ceo Eymeric Segard: “Business aviation is a luxury service in a very complex industry. It means that it will always require intensive human supervision and assistance from the time of the flight request and also during the flight. Those who pretend it is possible to manage all these issues from a simple app are not serious, or are simply inexperienced. “Our technology sources the capacity and best deals and our team selects only the best two or three options according to the clients' needs. Our advisors negotiate the best rates and then manage all the clients' specifi-cations before, during and after the flight. This differs from online-only automated websites that simply forward automatic quotes and un-negotiated prices from operators to clients without any advice regarding aircraft, flight information or airport restrictions.”

He continues: “We wanted to integrate impartial advice with technology, which significantly enhances our capacity to negotiate the best prices from operators, therefore greatly benefiting our clients. Our low-cost structure, our technology and human shrewdness is the perfect balance between the over-priced 25-hour card programme, the expensive and old fashioned multi-office charter brokers and the new app-and-tech only automated booking platform with very little or 
no service.”

Segard says he maintains a “prudently optimistic approach by raising again our cap-ex and hiring new employees to reach a 25-30 team by the end of the year. For the medium term we target 40-50 per cent organic growth per year over the next five years which means more than $100m revenue, all financed by our cash flow and our solid balance sheet.”


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