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June 2010
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LunaJets says empty leg bargains attract new clients

Geneva-based LunaJets reports that its dual approach to providing charter broker services is paying dividends. "We focus 50 per cent on providing services centred on empty legs and 50 per cent on regular broker activities," says ceo Eymeric Segard. "We had a very good 2009, our first complete year of operation."

LunaJets, he says, provides a distribution channel for operators to capitalise on missed profit opportunities. Segard explains: "We targeted first and business class travellers with the objective of upgrading them to private aviation by optimising the industry's empty legs. We count many ex-fractional owners and ex-25-hour cardholders among our clients."

LunaJets has re-designed its web site but says many online enquirers go on to utilise its telephone and email capabilities.