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News Release

Desert Jet adds second Cessna Citation Bravo to growing charter fleet of private jets

August 16, 2019:

Leading business aviation services company Desert Jet has announced the addition of a second Cessna Citation Bravo to its charter fleet of private jets in response to continued demand from its charter clientele. This beautiful 2004 aircraft is based at the company's Palm Springs headquarters at the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (KTRM) and is available for immediate charter.

Designed with a quieter cabin and luxurious leather seating that swivel and recline, the Citation Bravo comfortably accommodates up to eight passengers. The aircraft also features an entertainment system with a video monitor to display Air Show and inflight movies, providing passengers a more relaxed flight experience. The roomy interior includes a fully enclosed, private aft lavatory and a galley area for refreshments and snacks.

The Bravo has a longer range compared to other light sized private jets and excellent short runway capabilities, providing more options for travelers to get closer to their destination. Multiple baggage compartments with a combined capacity of seventy-three cubic feet can easily fit several suitcases, golf bags and a few sets of skis.

The new charter aircraft joins Desert Jet's charter fleet mix of super mid, light and very light private jets based throughout southern California.

“The Citation Bravo continues to be a popular jet for many of our charter clients,” said Jared Fox, CEO of Desert Jet. “The addition of a second Bravo to our existing fleet of beautiful, newer light jets enables us to serve our clients' travel needs as well as other on-demand charter requests.”


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