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News Release

Christopher Watson, head of the group broker desk, Luxaviation.

Successful first year for Luxaviation's group broker desk

December 19, 2017:

Following a successful first year of operations for its group broker desk network, Luxaviation is enjoying stronger relationships, greater visibility and more business with brokers worldwide.

Launched in December 2016 as the first group-wide charter sales office, Luxaviation's group broker desk has surpassed expectations. The desk works by uniting all operators in the Luxaviation Group, giving brokers an overview of the group's entire fleet and availability. From helicopters to turboprops, across all types of jet up to business liners, brokers can find the best deal for their customers from Luxaviation's core fleet of more than 270 aircraft.

Headquartered at London Luton Airport, Luxaviation's group broker desk also has satellite offices in Moscow, Miami and Hong Kong. This allows brokers to speak directly to the Luxaviation team based in their own time zone, resulting in faster quotes, a simpler payment process and better cultural business awareness.

Christopher Watson, head of the group broker desk, Luxaviation, says: “The development of the network over the past year has been very rewarding across all regions, particularly in the US and Asia where we are seeing more brokers engaging with us to source aircraft. We pride ourselves on delivering a local service across a global aviation network. We are able to communicate and deal with brokers in the way they want to work; we just would not get that business if we did not have people on the ground.

“With our broker desk HQ based at London Luton Airport, we are able to meet brokers every day as they come to wave off their clients, which builds rapport between brokers and the group. We represent all of Luxaviation's entities: Luxaviation UK, located in nearby Stapleford; the Luxaviation entities in Germany; Belgium; France; Luxembourg; as well as ExecuJet globally. We showcase availability for all the operators in the group to provide brokers with the best option, before handing them over to the AOC.”

Maggie Wong, head of the Hong Kong broker desk, Luxaviation, says: “Chinese culture, and the ways in which we communicate, differs from the Western style. Social media is extremely important in our region and we've worked hard to develop channels that foster proactive conversation. Also, by holding regular face-to-face meetings and speaking to brokers on their level, in their language, we create lasting relationships within the Chinese community and the wider Asia region.”

Nicolas Itkin, head of the Miami broker desk, Luxaviation, says: “It is part of Luxaviation's mission to adapt to all of our clients, and this means tailoring our working practices to match those of the region we are in. US-based brokers tend to prefer to communicate over the phone; they all have my cell number and know they will get a speedy response when they call.”

The news follows Luxaviation Group's recent announcement of its strategic collaboration with Paragon Aviation Group, the US facilitator of The Paragon Network, creating a new network of 52 fixed base operators (FBOs) around the world, of which 25 are in the US.


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