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News Release

Avinode data shows business aviation rise to challenge of Hurricane Irma

October 10, 2017:

New data from Avinode (NBAA Booth C10018), the world's leading online marketplace for buying and selling air charter, shows business aviation responded superbly to Hurricane Irma.

Per Marthinsson, executive vice president, Avinode Americas, says: “Yet again we have seen the unique humanitarian value of business aviation. In a crisis, the industry always unites to provide vital support whenever, wherever and however possible.”

As Hurricane Irma moved across the Atlantic, requests for travel with US operators through the Avinode Marketplace rose by 125% on the week of September 4 2017, compared to the previous week beginning August 28 2017.

Marthinsson continues: “This spike in activity shows how intensely the business aviation industry reacted to Hurricane Irma. For many of the millions of people seeking to evacuate threatened parts of the Caribbean and Florida, business aircraft came to the rescue. Brokers, operators and, indeed, our own team at Avinode worked relentlessly to provide the support needed. Many pilots volunteered their services and many customers gladly moved their booked flights to allow aircraft to be focused on the humanitarian effort. It's no exaggeration to say the business aviation industry literally saved lives during the crisis.”

Although Hurricane Irma has now dissipated, business aircraft have continued to deliver much-needed supplies to devastated areas.


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