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News Release

Avinode passes half-million charter requests in June

July 13, 2017:

Avinode, the world's leading online marketplace for buying and selling air charter, has announced a record month in the company's history, surpassing half a million charter requests for the first time, in June 2017.

In June, Avinode recorded a total of more than 532,000 charter requests worldwide. The number of Avinode requested flights in EMEAA increased by 27% versus June 2016, while in the US alone, requests increased by 112% versus June 2016.

Oliver King, acting CEO, Avinode Group says: “Across the business aviation industry, operators are reporting a hike in business for June 2017 versus last year, which is great news for the industry. There has also been much discussion regarding an upturn in the economic outlook for the eurozone countries. In the Avinode Marketplace, in the eurozone countries alone, we have seen an increase of 30% in June 2017 versus June 2016. Within the eurozone, France is the number one country for business aviation demand, up 10% this year in the Avinode Marketplace versus June 2016. Malta has also seen a significant increase in bookings, up 300% versus June 2016, driven largely by operators relocating under the Maltese registry. And Spain of course, up 76% versus June 2016, showing that the green shoots which appeared last summer have taken root.

“For the summer months, leisure demand to the Mediterranean is really driving the increase this year. Popular destinations such as the Cote d'Azur, Ibiza and Mykonos are all up on last year. Business aviation has not yet returned to its highest levels recorded pre-recession, but the Avinode Marketplace has seen strong growth in the US, now being matched by a positive upturn in Europe, leaving us excited about the foreseeable future for the industry.”


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