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December 2017
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EcoJets sells jet card via online retailer

New York broker EcoJets has listed its memberships of jet card programmes for sale on the website. The company is offering three different levels of product at an initial cost of $125, $250 and $500, for which buyers get lifestyle membership, concierge services, a range of flight hours, a branded card and, in some cases, a discount on flights. A nominal amount of money must be deposited in the account at all times.

CEO Edgar Costa says: “We want to be part of our members' everyday lives: when they fly, our proprietary booking system guarantees them real-time access to 7,000 aircraft, and when they are not flying we can offer them our concierge and lifestyle card services.”

To date EcoJets is growing by an average of 40 new members each month and Costa expects membership numbers to reach 3,000 by the end of 2018, with a revenue projection of $450m. Growth breaks down as 25 per cent member referrals, 35 per cent sales team, and 40 per cent from the retail market, which includes Amazon. He has also commenced negotiations with a manufacturer to supply an EcoJets fleet next year and has a commitment of four aircraft at this stage.

“We are the bridge between operators and customers,” adds Costa. “We validate operators in terms of safety, quality of service and performance and we are continually looking for oppor-tunities to continue the growth we have achieved so far.”


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