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December 2017
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Shafiq Derkeshly is principal manager at newly-launched Dubai brokerage Elan Air Charter

Elan Air launches in Dubai

Elan Air Charter is the new brokerage division of Dubai-based aviation services company Empire Aviation Group (EAG). It will meet customer needs for support with passenger charters, commercial cargo, air ambulance flights and concierge services. The team is already experienced in the air charter sector; principal manager Shafiq Derkeshly holds a BSc in air transport manage-ment from Emirates Aviation University and was one of the founding members of EAG, managing the operation, security and charter divisions.

Managing director Paras Dhamecha says: “Our experience over the last 10 years has convinced us that there is a demand for specialist air charter services in the region and we have been able to establish Elan as a new division of EAG to meet this need. Elan Air Charter will meet the same high standards of customer service as EAG and represents a new business concept providing elite turnkey manage-ment solutions to VIP clients.”


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