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October 2017
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The Gulfstream 500

New kid on the block: Gulfstream 500

A single production model with complete interior has been built for cabin evaluation as part of the flight test programme for Gulfstream's G500, which is scheduled for customer deliveries this year. Following usual company practice these aircraft were created in collaboration with customer feedback. The interior of the G500 offers a wide cabin and flexible cabin comfort, ample storage and a multitude of configuration options including work, entertainment, living and sleeping spaces.

While cabin comfort and flight deck innovation prevail on the inside, the G500 cruises at speeds of up to mach 0.925, which can save up to an hour per flight versus flying at mach 0.80. The G500 has all-new Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA engines and can cruise at up to 51,000 feet with a maximum range of 5,000 nm. It can take up to 19 passengers, or eight if sleeping, from São Paulo to Madrid, or San Francisco to Tokyo.


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