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June 2018
< Back attracts first 100 clients

Moscow-based internet platform has achieved a first milestone of attracting more than 100 users after just three months of operation. Initially the platform consisted of just a small number of air charter operators from Russia and Europe. Now it has 94 brokers and 52 operators registered who manage more than 150 aircraft, based in Russia, Turkey, Cyprus and most of Europe.

Users can view up-to- date information about the location of all aircraft placed by registered operators; check aircraft availability for charter flights; automatically update flight times and prices; communicate directly with service users; and present company profiles with contact details, aircraft specifications and photos. The platform is free to use to both brokers and operators.

Founder Leonid Nikulin says: “Our immediate plans include further work in the European market, attracting clients from the Eastern region and expanding into the US charter market.”


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