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June 2018
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Luis Barros anticipates tremendous forward momentum from the Starbase Jet acquisition

HAG acquires Starbase Jet

Dallas, Texas-headquartered Horizon Air Group (HAG) has acquired Texan Part 135 operator World Class Jet dba Starbase Jet, which will be rebranded as Horizon Jet Management. The purchase brings HAG's existing aircraft sales and charter broker services together with Starbase Jet's FAA licensed aircraft operations, all under one roof.

CEO Luis Barros says: “In a time when people feel like they only have two choices, to either stick with the classic charter models that have been around for some time or buy into the trendy memberships programmes that have been popular lately, it's important to us to forge ahead with an alternative that combines the best of both worlds. We've advanced the technology and approach of the classic models and brought more of a practical and aviation-based offering to the membership app crowd.”


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