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August 2016
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Vladislav Zenov says Charterscanner is exactly the sort of tool needed to support the development of the global business aviation market

Charterscanner takes transparent booking tool into the US

Online booking service Charterscanner is launching in the US having enlisted the support of an American partner, aviation services consultancy Aero Intelligence Group. With a user base already established in Europe, Russia and the Middle East, the company will create a database of US operators who will work with existing requests before going on to focus on attracting US clients.

“The USA is the home of business aviation,” says CEO Vladislav Zenov. “The first business jet flight was nearly 60 years ago, and America retains its leading position in the market. There are more than 1,000 operators sharing the majority of the global fleet. Entering the US market will open up greater opportunities not only for, but for US operators who can expand their operations in Europe and the CIS region, within our system, without incurring additional costs.”