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Charter Broker magazine will be published bi-monthly through 2018, providing a unique and highly effective advertising vehicle for all business air charter companies worldwide. Printed copies are sent to every air charter broker, and the electronic edition to every business charter operator. Here is our readership circulation statement for the February 2018 edition.

Forthcoming issues

April 2018 - booking deadline 21/03/2018

June 2018 - booking deadline 16/05/2018

August 2018 - booking deadline 18/07/2018

October 2018 - booking deadline 19/09/2018

December 2018 - booking deadline 21/11/2018


Charter directory - growing fast

From October 2016 every issue of Charter Broker magazine has included a directory listing of worldwide air charter operators.

Every charter operator taking display advertising in the magazine is highlighted in this directory free-of-charge for one year.

Advertising information

See our 2018 media brochure for more details of the coming year, or download a pdf.

For advertising assistance or further information, please contact Brad Wright on +44 (0)1279 714521 or


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